CHEESE NACHOS 7.95 With Beans 9.95
Whith Beef or Chicken 10.95
STUFFED JALAPEÑOS 9.95 Jalapeños stuffed with cheese and covered with a crisp batter. Served with lettuce and a house dressing. QUESO FUNDIDO 10.95Mozzarella cheese and chorizo over a skillet. Served with tree tortillas. CHICKEN WINGS 11.95 CHEESE DIPSmall 5.95 | Large 9.95 GUACAMOLE DIP 6.95 FRESH table side GUACAMOLE 10.49STEAK QUESADILLA 8.00 QUESADILLA WITH CHORIZO 7.00Quesadilla with Mexican sausage and cheese
MINI CHIMIS 12.95Two beef and two chicken mini chimis, cut half, served with cheese dip.
TACO SALAD 13.45 A crispy tortilla shell filled with ground beef (cooked with carrots, potatoes and celery) and or chicken, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese and sour cream. FAJITA TACO SALAD Chicken 14.45 Steak 16.45 Shrimp 18.45
Slices of steak, chicken or shrimp, onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, sour cream and cheese. Served in a crispy our tortilla shell. MEXICO SALAD 17.99 Grilled shrimp, chicken and mushrooms over shredded lettuce, avocado slices, tomatoes and cheese. GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST SALAD 13.99
CALDO DE CAMARÓN 19.99 Big bowl filled with jumbo shrimp, jalapeño peppers, cilantro and onions. Served with tortillas. CALDO 7 MARES 25.99Seafood soup

* Don’t forget to ask about our delicious black beans.